MileOne Support Fund
By Employees. For Employees.

About the Program

The MileOne Support Fund provides financial assistance to eligible MileOne employees in times of disaster or emergency hardship. 

Initially launched with the financial funding from our CEO, Steve Fader, this fund is now supported by MileOne employees who generously contribute funds to our 501(c)(3) in support of helping their fellow employees. Grants made from this fund are managed solely by BHS Care Coordinators, an independent organization, not MileOne.

Examples of Disasters & Emergency Hardships

The MileOne Support Fund is available to both full and part-time employees who experience disasters or emergency hardships. Substantial proof of emergency hardship is required for a grant to be approved.  Examples include:
  • Notice that gas or electric will be turned off
  • Eviction notice/rent needs to be paid for primary residence
  • Funeral expenses
  • Natural disaster
  • Ensuring safety for situations involving domestic violence or abuse.


Applicants must:
  • Be employed by MileOne for a minimum of one continuous year (FT) or minimum of two (2) continuous years(PT) 
  • Not had any corrective action within the prior six (6) months (FT) or twelve (12) months (PT) 
  • Not have received financial assistance through this program in the prior twelve (12) months.

If you are a current MileOne employee and meet the eligibility requirements above, click below to apply now.

Interested in Contributing?

If you wish to contribute to the MileOne Support Fund, please mail a tax-deductible donation in the form of a check or money order to the below address:
MileOne Community Giving Foundation
1 Olympic Place, Suite 1010
Towson, MD 21204

Please make the check out to "The MileOne Community Giving Foundation."

In order to receive a proper tax receipt, please include your full name and mailing address in the envelope. 

Thank you so much for considering donating to the MileOne Community Giving Foundation. Without your contribution, the MileOne Support Fund would not be able to support the future needs of our community.
Employee Testimonials

MileOne cares about our community, because it's our community too.

*MileOne Autogroup has established the MileOne Community Giving Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) to fund the MileOne Support Fund. Financial need is not determined by any employee of MileOne Autogroup. The selection of recipients is made by BHS. In no instance does any officer or employee of MileOne Autogroup play a part in the selection. All applicants agree to accept the decisions as final.