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For more than three decades, MileOne has supported the communities where we work and live. Our philanthropic program, MileOneCares, is committed to creating impactful partnerships with organizations who are changing lives.

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Heritage Gives Back

Heritage and Vehicles for Change Support Local Frontline Workers

MileOne Autogroup strongly believes that transportation can transform lives. In honor of those who have served heroically and tirelessly on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, during National Hospital Week, Heritage and Vehicles for Change presented 10 cars to local healthcare professionals whose lives will be transformed by having access to personal transportation. 

A few of the recipients:

  • Stacy Hubbard, Baltimore City - a mother of four who works for the nonprofit People Encouraging People, providing case management support to those with mental disabilities. Without a personal vehicle, Ms. Hubbard's daily commute consists of 2 or 3 bus connections one way, leading to nearly an hour commute of time.
  • Rochester Robinson, Baltimore County - a father of three teenagers, Mr. Robinson works as a mobility driver for Humanim. Mr. Robinson gets rides from family and friends or uses rideshare. "Being on others' time is the worst," he shared.
  • Angela Shelly, Frederick County - a 33-year-old mother of four, Ms. Shelly has her hands full with three jobs including that of a home health aide. Ms. Shelly uses rental cars to get around, walks, and also uses rideshares.
Congratulations recipients and thank you for all you do to care for our community!


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MileOneCares is committed to creating impactful partnerships with organizations who are changing lives through access to safe transportation and by strengthening our communities.