Funding Opportunities

Every partnership is an opportunity for us to make a difference in someone's life and to say thank you to the people, families and businesses that have been so loyal to us over the years.  

About Our Programs

Our philanthropic program, MileOneCares is committed to creating impactful partnerships with organizations who are changing lives through: 

  • Access to Safe Transportation: Programs that enhance a person's life or an organization's ability to provide its goods or services through better access to means of transportation. 
  • Strengthening our Communities: Programs that promote a better quality of life within the communities where we do business. We place emphasis on programs that improve the lives of youth and the elderly, especially in areas that are underserved.
We welcome proposals to assist in opportunities that fall within our giving priorities. We accept requests from non-profit organizations who are seeking monetary donations and sponsorships. Additionally, we offer a matching grants program which supports non-profits who are in need of a vehicle. All requests have rolling deadline and we will notify you of decisions within eight (8) weeks of receiving your completed application. 

Types of Funding

MileOneCares Community Grant

This grant program is designed for non-profits who are seeking support. Projects and programs should demonstrate deep and measurable impact to communities in need. 

MileOneCares grants are reviewed in two categories - those under $1,000 and those over $1,000. 
  • Requests of $1,000 or less are reviewed on a rolling basis by your local dealership. 
  • Requests over $1,000 are reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee in our corporate office.
Vehicle Grants are also available to non-profit organizations who are struggling with transportation issues. This grant program provides a resource and an opportunity to secure suitable, reliable, and affordable vehicles to meet their transit needs for the safety, comfort, and dignity of the clients they serve. When filling out the grant application, select "Transportation - Vehicle Donation for Non-Profit" as your focus area.

MileOneCares Sponsorship

MileOne considers a limited number of sponsorships for events and are reviewed on a rolling basis. 
Organization must be located in a community where there is a MileOne dealership. 

Are you Ready to Apply?


We will consider requests from non-profit organizations who meet the following qualifications:
  • Have 501(c)(3) status.
  • Have been in operation for at least two years.
  • Are working to improve the communities where MileOne employees and customers live and work; specifically, these organizations must be located in and/or impact the surrounding areas in which MileOne does business.
  • Are proposing projects and programs that align with our focus areas of transportation and strengthening the community.
We cannot consider requests that:
  • Discriminate in its programs, activities or hiring practices.
  • Are from political groups or lobbying groups
  • Are to support Conferences and Seminars
  • Support Individuals (with the exception of the MileOne Support Fund and NextMile Scholarship Program)
  • Are from those who already received support in the same calendar year.

MileOne cares about our community, because it's our community too.